5 Home Security Measures You Should Take

Security should be one of the top priorities for your home. Not only will it save your possessions, it could also save your life too. Here we list a few essential home security measures that are a good idea to adhere too.

1. Burglaries increase in winter
With longer nights and darker days, burglaries are more likely to happen in winter than in any other season. Even between September 2015 and October 2015 burglaries increased from 32,294 to 35,165 cases in the UK. This could be due to the clocks going back at the end of British Summer Time – meaning burglars are more likely to pounce. Investing in high-quality PIR security lighting can be a deterrent to burglars.

2. Keeping your home safe while away
Sometimes burglars may keep watch on someone’s home for several days to make a note of their everyday patterns in order to determine when they’ll be out of the house. The same goes for when people are away over the Easter season or away for the Summer holidays. Signs that a house is unoccupied include milk bottles outside the door, the post building up on the doormat, an overgrown garden and undisturbed snow on the front path. A great idea would be to leave some lights on in the home or, better yet, install timer switches on the lights to give the impression someone is home.

3. Upgrading doors and windows
Not only should the doors and windows themselves be updated, but the locks should also be carefully maintained too. Upgrading to a multi-point door lock means the door can’t be kicked down in one focused area. If classic wooden doors are a preference then anti-snap locks are a fantastic investment. As well as the main windows and doors, it’s a good idea to ensure all side gates, back doors, sheds and summer houses are locked securely.

4. Keep valuables out of sight
Many households now have a lot of technology. This includes tablet computers, laptops, smartphones, games consoles and top of the range TVs! It’s always advisable to keep valuables out of sight from windows or doors – much like you wouldn’t leave your phone exposed on a car seat. This can significantly reduce opportunistic burglaries – if they can’t see it, they won’t try and get it!

5. Double up with decoys
Using decoys to deter burglars is all about being creative. A simple ‘Beware of the Dog’ sticker on the front door could be enough to scare off any potential burglars. You can take this even further by placing a dog bowl and a few dog toys outside your back door – even if you don’t have a dog. Another fantastic decoy is a burglar alarm and CCTV camera. Some CCTV systems automatically alert the police if a burglar triggers it. However, if your budget can’t accommodate for high-tech equipment then there are dummy CCTV cameras available in most high street stores for a very low price.

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