21st Century Peace of Mind: Smart Security

Technology has helped us protect our homes for some time now, but the last few months have seen more change to the type of products available than ever before. The smartphone is often the hub of a modern security set-up, and has forced the biggest shift in security technology. With live notifications from your equipment and the ability to trawl back through recorded footage and events remotely, security technology has well and truly arrived in the app age.

What’s caused this shift? Mostly it’s been driven by you, by consumer needs, a standalone CCTV system with central hub is fast becoming a thing of the past for modern homes and businesses. Consumer thirst for smarter, and more importantly, easier to manage systems, has pushed the market into overdrive with tech companies falling over one another to bring out the smartest and most feature packed offerings. Names long associated with security hardware are now jostling for shelf space with offerings from new start-ups and names that a few years ago would never have been associated with security products, so why are they interested now?

Security technology has actually passed into territory where some of the features are so clever that elements of the market have actually become ‘cool’. You only have to play with a modern IP camera to see how simple the technology is to use and the immediate security benefits that they can bring to your home or family. It’s also the focus that’s shifted in security – maybe you want to keep an eye on a pet, or get a notification when your children get home from school – with a lot of today’s products we can even talk back to them through the camera direct from your phone.

Retailers have seen a shift in customers too, even just 10 years ago security systems were for a certain type of customer, now people from all walks of life are interested, buying and being vocal advocates of all manner of systems, and as time moves on the market is only going to provide more features, easier operation, integration with other technology and an even wider audience who are interested in buying into 21st century security.

One of the key things for a retailer is that technology has moved so quickly it’s imperative to give demonstrations of just how simple the products are and the rich benefits at your fingertips when connected to your smartly secured home. In shops today you’ll find a wealth of smart security mingled into smart home and automation products, many products are ready for demonstration and our staff training is paramount.

There are still customers who want the traditional multi-camera and alarm set-up, but there are vast numbers of people who want to dabble with that single camera that you can move about – and a surprising number who just want cyber-connectivity with their cat!

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