14 arrests for every 100 burglaries in England

Figures recently released by the Office for National Statistics has revealed that there are only 14 arrests for every 100 burglaries in England. Recorded crime statistics over a year period between 2014-2015 show 392,341 burglaries with only 54,466 arrests made.

Analysis of the findings uncovered West Midlands police as ranking the lowest for ratio of arrests to burglaries, with a mere seven arrests for every 100 burglaries, closely followed by Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire rounding off the bottom three.

However, Cleveland had the highest proportion, with 32 arrests for every 100 burglaries (down from 46), followed by Northumbria and Cumbria.

You can check out the full interactive map here to see how your county compares.

Burglaries not only rob people of their belongings, but also of their sense of security. Therefore, it’s important to understand the simple measures you can take to protect your property. In light of these findings, we at National Home Security Month have put together our top tips to tighten your home security:

• Don’t forget the basics! Ensure all doors and windows are secured with appropriate locks that comply with British Standards. If you have a PVCu or composite door, consider upgrading the euro profile cylinder in your multipoint lock.
• Traditional security measures such as burglar alarms are a great visual deterrent. Statistics reveal that 60% of burglaries attempted on homes with alarms are unsuccessful.
• Why not leave a light or radio on in the home when you leave the house to give the impression that someone is home. Some lights now come with a timer switch, allowing you to schedule when they turn on and off.
• Don’t leave valuables in sight. Having cash, jewellery and electronic goods in full view acts as an invitation to thieves. Invest in a small home safe, which is perfect for protecting these smaller items.

However, it’s not just homes that need securing, as the research also revealed almost half of the 22,400 burglaries in the West Midlands related to non-domestic buildings such as sheds and garages. These tend to occur in the middle of the night when there are no witnesses or CCTV to assist police, which means securing arrests is more challenging.

To combat this and protect your external buildings there are a few cost effective and simple solutions you can apply today:

• Invest in security lighting that is triggered by movement. This makes it much more difficult for a potential thief to hide around your property at night. Additionally, make sure all hedges are trimmed for the same reason.
• Don’t leave ladders or tools lying around in your garden. Burglars could use these to gain access to your home.
• Secure your outbuilding or shed with a robust weatherproof padlock and individual items inside with anchors and cables to provide an extra level of protection.