Do It Yourself on National Home Security MayDay

The spring bank holiday is the perfect time to think about home DIY projects and according to Halifax Home Insurance 45% of homeowners spent last bank holiday doing just that!

So, whether you’re thinking about painting the hall, re-tiling the bathroom, or building a conservatory to create your ‘dream home’, it’s important to think about protecting your property too. With this is mind ‘National Home Security May Day’, an exciting new initiative supported by Yale, will take place on 26 May (Spring bank holiday Monday).

‘National Home Security May Day’ will offer tips and advice on DIY projects to make your home more secure. From easy fit alarms to digital door viewers and digital door locks, step-by-step advice and ‘how to’ guides will be on offer to help you improve the security of your home in time for summer.

Generally, burglaries increase during the spring and summer months, as more people leave windows and doors open while they are out in the garden enjoying the sunshine. People also start bringing out valuables, such as bicycles and lawn furniture, and leave them outside, which creates an increase in opportunities and temptation for would-be criminals.

There is also a marked increase in burglaries during summer holidays, with larger numbers of people going on holiday leaving their houses empty, unsecure and unguarded.

Simple, low cost DIY security options can make a huge difference, and many ‘hi-tech’ security products are a lot easier to fit than you might think! For more information email and watch this space!

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